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Ball Chain

SKU: BB Category:

Product Specifications

Suitable for use as lanyard or ID tag around neck. See under ‘Connectors’ for connectors and end clips.

Finish Size Prod Code Unit Safe Load (Newtons)
Stainless 1.5mm BB02SS 30m 50
Stainless 2.4mm BB04SS 30m 110
Stainless 3.2mm BB06SS 30m 160
Stainless 4.0mm BB10SS 30m 330
Nickel Plated 2.4mm BB04NP 30m 90
Nickel Plated 3.2mm BB06NP 30m 130
Nickel Plated 4.0mm BB10NP 30m 265
Polished Brass 2.4mm BB04PB 30m 90
Polished Brass 3.2mm BB06PB 30m 130
Polished Brass 4.0mm BB10PB 30m 265


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