Stainless Steel Chain


Product Specifications

This is a solid stainless steel chain that is sold by the metre and is available from 2mm to 8mm in link diameter.

Link Diameter Finish Prod Code Unit Link Length Link Width Int. Link Length Int. Link Width Grade
2mm S.S. SS2 1m 16mm 8mm 12mm 3.5mm 304
3mm S.S. SS3 1m 25mm 11mm 19mm 5mm 316
4mm S.S SS4 1m 27mm 16mm 19mm 7mm 316
6mm S.S. SS6 1m 30mm 19mm 18mm 7mm 316
8mm S.S. SS8 1m 40mm 25mm 24mm 9mm 316
10mm S.S SS10 1m 59mm 35mm 39mm 15mm 316


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