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Twisted Link Chain

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Product Specifications

This is a zinc plated twisted link chain that is sold in units of 30m. Also known as Weldless Vittoria Chain.

Gauge Finish Prod Code Unit Link Diameter Link Length Link Width Int. Link Length Int. Link Width Safe Load Limit
8G Z.P. TL08Z 30m 4mm 63mm 18mm 56mm 10mm 120kg
10G Z.P. TL10Z 30m 3.15mm 55.5mm 15mm 50mm 9mm 85kg
12G Z.P. TL12Z 30m 2.5mm 49mm 13mm 44mm 8mm 50kg
14G Z.P. TL14Z 30m 2mm 42mm 11mm 38mm 6mm 35kg
16G Z.P. TL16Z 30m 1.6mm 41mm 10mm 38mm 6.5mm 20kg


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