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Yellow Pin Shackles

SKU: DSYLWPIN Categories: ,

Product Specifications

Prod Code  Diameter Length Width Opening WLL
DS6YLWPIN 6mm 40mm 38mm 12mm 0.5 Tonne
DS8YLWPIN 8mm 49mm 43mm 12mm 0.75 Tonne
DS11YLWPIN 11mm 66mm 60mm 18mm 1.5 Tonne
DS13YLWPIN 13mm 75mm 67mm 20mm 2.0 Tonne
DS16YLWPIN 16mm 95mm 86mm 27mm 3.25 Tonne
DS19YLWPIN 19mm 114mm 100mm 32mm 4.75 Tonne
BS6YLWPIN 6mm 41mm 40mm 13mm 0.5 Tonne
BS8YLWPIN 8mm 52mm 47mm 13mm 0.75 Tonne
BS11YLWPIN 11mm 73mm 60mm 18mm 1.5 Tonne
BS13YLWPIN 13mm 85mm 72mm 21mm 2.0 Tonne
BS16YLWPIN 16mm 103mm 93mm 27mm 3.25 Tonne
BS19YLWPIN 19mm 122mm 105mm 31mm 4.75 Tonne


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