Split Link

Split links provide a quick and economical method of joining or repairing lengths of chain.

Zinc plated for extended rust protection, our split links are easy to use. Once in place, simply hammer down the link to close it and form a secure connection. They can be tack welded after closing if desired.

Sold individually

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Size Specifications

3mm Split Link

Diameter: 3mm
Length: 22mm
Finish: Zinc Plated

4mm Split Link

Diameter: 4mm
Length: 27mm
Finish: Zinc Plated

5mm Split Link

Diameter: 5mm
Length: 36mm
Finish: Zinc Plated

6mm Split Link

Diameter: 6mm
Length: 42mm
Finish: Zinc Plated

8mm Split Link

Diameter: 8mm
Length: 49mm
Finish: Zinc Plated

10mm Split Link

Diameter: 10mm
Length: 59mm
Finish: Zinc Plated


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